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Make Bold Things Happen - book cover - Written by Steve Rosenberg

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Thousands of people in his network turn to Steve Rosenberg when they run into a dead end. He began his career with the Washington Bullets (now Wizards) where he learned that the person who gets the most done goes the farthest. When he hears “no” or “it can’t be done,” that’s when the fun begins—he gets to work and figures out how to make things happen.

Through entertaining true stories, this inspiring book shows you how some of the most productive and creative people he knows overcame seemingly unsurmountable odds to achieve great success. These anecdotes will spark ideas for tackling your own challenges.

Throughout his career in sports, hospitality, and nonprofits, Steve Rosenberg has excelled at being a networker and relationship builder known for leading teams and problem solving at the highest levels.

Make Bold Things Happen - book cover - Written by Steve Rosenberg

Steve Rosenberg has learned to harness the power of networking. In order to get things done in a quick, efficient, and meaningful way, he relies on a vast network of people.  Throughout his extensive career in sports, hospitality, and nonprofit organizations, Rosenberg has excelled at being a serial networker and relationship builder and has been called upon endlessly to lead teams and problem solve at the highest levels.

After you read this book, you will be able to:

  • ZAttack your to-do list with a new attitude.
  • ZLearn Steve’s secrets for growing a network and keeping those relationships warm.
  • ZUnderstand that you must always be one degree of separation away from someone who can unlock the answers to the puzzle.
  • ZCreate an atmosphere of positivity and results that will make you and your friends, clients, and colleagues proud.

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Make Bold Things Happen - book cover on a tablet - Written by Steve Rosenberg

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Praise for

Make Bold Things Happen

Make Bold Things Happen comes from a ‘serial networker’ who likes to create and foster relationships to make things happen. Steve Rosenberg follows the path of his own successful connections, using them as a blueprint to help his readers understand the opportunities that lie in adversity and the key traits to make powerful decisionsReaders come to realize all kinds of approaches to networking and relationship-building opportunities that can propel them on a bolder path of discovery, growth, and achievement.”

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Steve has always been a can-do first person. He is one of the first to offer to help regardless of who you are, or where you stand in life.”

Mark Segal, Publisher of Philadelphia Gay News and Author of And Then I Danced

“I’ve had the benefit of a front-row seat as Steve continually reinvents himself. His successes speak for themselves, and his book provides valuable insights that can help anyone achieve their personal and professional goals.”

Joe Zeff, President, Joe Zeff Design, Inc.

“Steve is a doer. When people struggle with how to start, he always begins with action. Steve believes that success begins with taking immediate action and that progress is grounded in doing. He motivates and builds confidence with teams to keep moving forward by getting things done.”

Angela Val, President & CEO, Visit Philadelphia

“When things get complicated and off track, as they will, Steve is a guy that sees through the clutter, and with a sense of urgency clears the obstacles and inserts a plan.”

Alan Jacobson, CEO, J2 / Exit

“Steve is one of those extraordinary individuals who gets it. And gets it done!”

Paul Silberberg, Chairman, Concierge Insurance Solutions and Author of The Ethical Entrepreneur

“Steve is one of the best people I’ve worked with in a 40+ year career. When I needed help with major projects, Steve was my first call. He is smart, talented, has a great sense of humor, doesn’t take himself too seriously, and always gets results. Steve has a tremendous ability to cut through what is not relevant and hone in on what’s important. He’s a value added to any project.”

Jim Cuorato, President and CEO, Independence Visitor Center Corporation

“Steve’s no-nonsense approach to life and his professional career has been an inspiration throughout the 15+ years I have known him. He brings passion and dedication to his work and getting the job done. It has been a pleasure to watch him advocate for countless community groups and stand up for what he believes is right. He cares deeply for his friends and colleagues and will do anything for them when in need. I owe him a debt of gratitude for giving me my start in hospitality and am proud to call him a true friend and colleague.”

Kelley Maddox, VP of Sales, Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia

MAKE BOLD THINGS HAPPEN is a fun way to explore how to accomplish more than you ever thought you could and become the person others begin to count on.

Steven Rosenberg

Steve Rosenberg

Steve Rosenberg has managed, marketed and operated some of America’s best-known and most interesting events, concepts, and projects—from Celebrity All Star Hockey to the National Hockey League neutral site games, The Book and the Cook Fair, Welcome America Festival, Disney’s World on Ice, Nickelodeon Live, the WWE, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and many more. He has been part of the grand opening team of eight public assembly facilities across the U.S., including the Pepsi Center, WonderWorks, the National Constitution Center, Independence Visitor Center, and Colorado’s Ocean Journey.  

He began his career with the Washington Bullets (now Wizards) where he learned how to manage multiple bosses and requests. He learned very quickly that the person who is able to get the most done in an efficient manner is going to go the farthest and be the most productive. Throughout his career, he has been called upon to make things happen when others were unable to do so. When he hears “no,” that is when his instincts take over. A serial networker and relationship builder, Rosenberg understands that a person’s success is not only predicated upon the contacts they make. The follow up and how those relationships build over time are equally important.

Rosenberg earned a degree in sports management from the University of Maryland. He is on the board of several civic and nonprofit organizations, including as a Co-Founder of Philadelphia Youth Basketball, City of Philadelphia Army Navy Game Host Committee, the World Maccabiah Games, the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, and is Board Chair of the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. He is also very involved in Coaches vs. Cancer, the Pete and Jameer Nelson Foundation and the K- Low Elite AAU and spends his free time volunteering with youth-based organizations. He has been an adjunct professor in the School of Tourism and Hospitality at Temple University. 

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Rosenberg lives in Center City, Philadelphia with his wife.

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